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Top 10 Moments of the Last 10 Years; #1: Beating Clemson in 2007 Super Regional

I will say this - and I doubt many MSU fans who were there will argue with me - June 9, 2007 is what Dudy Noble Field is all about. The record book may say 13,715, but we all know there were 15K+ in the stadium that day (another example of Templeton holding us back). I remember standing against the metal fence behind the scoreboard, a good 100 feet behind the right field fence watching portions of the game. I was that far away because at the time that was as close as I could get...there were people everywhere, it was quite a sight.

I was somewhere in the vicinity of where this video was shot, under some type of wood structure that I'm still surprised didn't collapse on me when the final out was made. This is a pretty good representation of what it was like in the outfield..

Mississippi State vs Clemson Baseball Super Regionals 2007 (via agl20msu)

Mississippi State was playing Clemson in the postseason for the second consecutive year. In 2006, they lost to the Tigers in Clemson during the Regional round. (Also, Clemson defeated MSU two games to none in the 2000 Super Regionals - in Clemson, SC). This year, State was able to get past #3 Florida State in Tallahassee (beating them twice), and then host this Super Regional as Clemson had not been a 1 seed themselves.

MSU won Game 1 on Friday, 8-6. This game was in the early afternoon on Saturday - the first Game 2 of any Super Regional across the country.

The scoring came quick. The Dawgs (who were the 'visitors' in this game) got on the board with an early run. Then Clemson came back with two of their own. In the top of the 2nd, Jet Butler doubled with the bases loaded and Ed Easley singled home a run during a four run inning. The score was 5-2 and State never relinquished the lead again.

Justin Pigott started the game for MSU and went six giving up five runs (four earned). Ricky Bowen got two outs in the 7th before Aaron Weatherford came in to take us to the College World Series. Through the 7th, the 8th and into the 9th we were feeling pretty good with a 8-5 lead. Then Weatherford walked a man to give the Tigers runners at 1st and 2nd with 1 out and Ron Polk went to the right fielder - Mitch Moreland.

That's right, Mitch Moreland - the guy who plays 1st base for the Texas Rangers and is hitting World Series home runs. He comes in from right field to pitch. Moreland was a pretty good pitcher, but he only had one career save in three years! He comes in to this pressure-packed situation and narrowly escapes a game-tying homer to their cleanup hitter, and then gets a strikeout - que the video above.

It was awesome! The entire day was everything Mississippi State baseball is all about. Tons of people there, grills wide open, State wins a huge game to go to their 8th College World Series.

Here's the final inning..

MSU vs. Clemson super regional final inning (via BulldogOzzy)