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Rick Ray Press Conference: Twitter Timeline

Some would say we here at the site (more specifically myself) have been overusing the twitter integration function lately in the blog. To those people I would respond by finding a whitty tweet and integrating it into this post, but thank goodness for your sake I am too lazy for that.

Yesterday State officially announced its 19th men's head basketball coach in Rick Ray at a 10:30 A.M. Press Conference. Many of you followed along on our Rick Ray Press Conference Open Thread, as did I. But I was also documenting (via my favorite application) the presser as it happened by tagging notable tweets from guys like Bob Carskadon, Matt Stevens, Brandon Marcello, and so forth. Here's what the press conference looked like (for the most part) via twitter:

As busy as he has been in the last 24 hours, he still found time to look sharp

strong opening statement from the head man Scott Stricklin

/looks up defition of "it", sees Rick Ray listed underneath.

had to ring the cowbell, a great way to start off first day on the job here in maroon and white country. and yes, practice makes perfect.

let me take a second to show my nerdy engineer side: OMG THAS KOOL

+1 for mother-in-law jokes (wonders if he sleeps on couch tonight)

and I thought I had a busy weekend...

insert condescending wonka meme here about you complaining about your crowded email inbox

good to see Ray do that.

"fight you"... and not ourselves, like we did in Hawaii last year.


I can see that happening.

motion offense! but for real motion offense this time, you guys!

good take from our man Rob. We did need the anti-Stans, and Ray fills those shoes perfectly.

again, probably slept on couch last night

which assistant will get a rose? tune in next week to find out...

if he hires Dontae Jones, I'll buy additional season tickets TOMORROW

Whether I believe that or not, smart to say that there. Save face (as much as possible), and end presser on high note.

Excited about the Rick Ray future, even if it's no Rick Ross future #BAWS