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Adam Gordon to be named to Coach Ray's staff soon?

Love some twitter, but sometimes as an individual, or in this case a head basketball coach, you have to be careful what you tweet. Yesterday Coach BJ Hill, the head men's basketball coach at the University of Northern Colorado, tweeted this out:

"Hate to see him go but our guy @CoachAdamGordon will be great at Mississippi State on @RickRay1's staff!"

Coach Hill deleted the tweet shortly thereafter, but the damage was already done as many people had already viewed it and taken notes.

If we take Coach Hill's tweet exactly as it was written, expect Northern Colorado's Director of Basketball Operations Adam Gordon to be named to Coach Rick Ray's staff sometime soon. This would seem to be a natural fit, as Gordon and Ray worked together at Clemson where Gordon was a graduate assistant. Gordon left Clemson in 2011 to take his current position at Northern Colorado.

We don't know what position Gordon is sought after by coach Ray for, but my guess would be the same one he holds at UNC, Director of Basketball Operations. This position, more or less, is the coaches assistant (not assistant coach, see Dwight K. Schrute argument on the semantics of that). Adam Gordon is a young guy: hell he graduated college just 3 years before I did and I'm 25, so he's obviously not coming in to take any higher assistant positions. Either way the hire would be a good one, as Adam already has some experience in various forms throughout the basketball world, and he and Coach Ray are obviously familiar with each other. That is important to have for a Director of Basketball Operations position.

Here's Gordon's Bio at the Northern Colorado athletics page.
As of the time this report was written, no official confirmation of the hire has come from the Athletics Department.

(h/t sixpack for catching the tweet)

We have yet to confirm if he is of any relation to Commissioner Gordon.