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The Interesting Names of Past MSU Head Football Coaches

In looking through the record books the last couple days I found myself somewhat amused by the names of several past head football coaches at Mississippi State.

Slick Morton (1949-1951) - "Slick", that would be a great name for a basketball coach, or a used car salesman.

Spike Nelson (1938) - Perfect name for a football guy, right? Or a dog. We weren't the Bulldogs back then, but we did have one as the mascot.

Red Cable (1930) ......


Murray Warmath (1952-1953) - maybe it's warm-ath, but I read it as war-math. Math war? Yeah, I'm stupid.

Ralph Sasse (1935-1937) - nothing like a sassy coach. He did take us to the Orange Bowl though (with a 7-2-1 record).

And that's all I've got. If this was stupid, I'll try to salvage it with this: Allyn McKeen was a great coach at Mississippi State. He coached from 1939-1948 and had a record of 65-19-3.

The 1940s were really the golden age of MSU football (Mississippi State College at the time). In 1940, he was 10-0-1 with an Orange Bowl victory over Georgetown. 1941, of course, was the year Alabama claims the national championship even though we beat them and won the SEC. Every other season had a winning record as well except '48 when he was 4-4-1. Jackie Sherrill may be State's winningest coach but McKeen might have been the best with a .764 winning % to Jackie's .500.