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MSU News and Notes | Friday, May 11, 2012

Charles Mitchell getting his Atlanta Falcons helmet yesterday (via Jay Adams' <a href="!/FalconsJAdams/status/200679323697557505/photo/1" target="new">Twitter</a>)
Charles Mitchell getting his Atlanta Falcons helmet yesterday (via Jay Adams' Twitter)

George Jones - It's Finally Friday (via hrtmike17)

That video was put there right smack dab at the top for 2 reasons:

  1. It is, in fact, finally Friday
  2. If you're bold enough, you should take in just how majestic George Jones' jacket is in that picture. WARNING: not for the faint... of style.

Now, let's get down to it and get you on to work (HAHAHA THAT'S FUNNY HE SAID WORK ON FRIDAY)

  • "I can see myself coming back but it depends on the situation and where I get taken" - Chris Stratton, obviously now self-aware of the fact that he is a strikeout machine and his draft stock is soaring, gave that quote to Marcello yesterday, obviously speaking about whether or not he would sign if he was indeed drafted in the upcoming June MLB Draft. Stratton looks more and more to be a lock for the 1st round, and I think none of us could blame him if he did decide to not return. Unless you're that baby in those Jimmy Fallon commercials who hates money. He might blame Strat.

  • Yesterday Baseball America held its first MLB Mock Draft of the year, and guess who was picked #16 overall? Yep, our own Chris Stratton.
  • On the flip side for some not-so-good but probably expected news, Marcello (swear I don't have a man crush or nuttin') reported last night that CT Bradford had season-ending surgery in Pensacola Wednesday to repair a partially torn labrum in his right shoulder, which he suffered early in the season. Bradford tried to play through the pain, but he re-injured the shoulder against Ole Miss a couple of weeks ago and has been out ever since. Best wishes and speedy recovery CT. Also, when you read that link, read his CT's dad's quote with Jeff Bridge's accent in Big Lebowski.
  • WE DON'T KNOW CHILLBILLYDAWG FROM SIXPACK BUT WE'D WEAR ANYTHING HE DESIGNED AND WE'RE NOT EVEN ASHAMED TO SAY IT EVEN IF IT WAS A BANANA HAMMOCK. Seriously, the dude is good. His latest, a mock of what the special edition Snow Bowl Commemoration Jersey's could (or rather SHOULD) look like. Like our own RobbieRandolph said in the thread, the old school Adidas logo is the business (that means it's awesome, for you older peoples).


  • If you're in Starkville this weekend don't forget the men's tennis team is hosting a regional. To help you get ready, read this from Matt Stevens on Artem Ilyushin.

That's it for today. Hope you dawgs have a great weekend, and let's go take 3 (or 2, or even 1) from the Gators!

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