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All the Cities in Mississippi the Dawgs Have Played in (and other interesting nuggets)

If you're 25 years old or less, you probably don't remember Mississippi State playing home football games anywhere other than Starkville. But, that hasn't always been the case. In fact, before Jackie Sherrill came to MSU Starkville was just a place to play lesser competition as the big games were saved for Jackson. Through the years State has played in many cities across the Magnolia state....and here is that list for you..

Starkville - many, many times

Jackson - many times

Columbus - 12

Meridian - 4

Tupelo - 4

Greenwood - 2

Aberdeen - 2

Clarksdale - 1

Gulfport - 1

Other items of mild interest:

  • have never played Notre Dame
  • horrible against the ACC: 9-20-1
  • dominate the Sun Belt: 33-5-1
  • 10-2 on ESPNU
  • 2-12 on TBS
  • Pre-Jackie Sherril, State played on TV 24 times. Post JWS, State has played on TV 152 times
  • Played the Havana Athletic Club in Cuba on January 1, 1911 for the Bacardi Bowl
  • MSU has a winning record vs. two SEC schools: Kentucky (21-17) and Vanderbilt (12-7-2)