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A Look Back at MSU Football: 1901, the Year Mississippi Becomes #OURSTATE

Things looked bleak in Aggie land in 1901. Mississippi A&M did not win a game in 1895 and 1896. In fact, they did not score a single point in six contests, and the program did not play again until 1901.

However, by bringing a hired gun player-coach, L. B. Harvey from Georgetown College in Kentucky, the Aggie faithful hoped things would turn around. Their hopes would soon be rewarded.

The season started with a familiar feel. The Aggies hit the road to Memphis to take on Christian Brothers, and they failed to score a point. The good news, however, was that the Aggies kept Christian Brothers from scoring as well, making this the first contest that Mississippi A & M did not lose.

Two days later, on Monday, October 28, Ole Miss came to Starkville for the first ever match up between the two schools. Years of frustration came to an end as the Aggies knocked off their foes 17-0 and #hailstate and #ourstate were immediately created by a long lost ancestor of Scott Stricklin.

The winning continued four days later as the Maroon and White traveled to Meridian, and defeated the Meridian Athletic Club by the traditional 11-5 score.

The Aggies closed out their season with consecutive Tuesday games (who knew MSU started off in the MAC) at Tulane and at Alabama. Unfortunately, Mississippi A&M could not keep its winning streak alive, falling to Tulane 24-6. One week later, the Aggies were embarrassed by Alabama, losing 45-0, marking a second straight shutout loss to Alabama. Seems as if history really does repeat itself.

With his 2-2-1 record, Harvey hit the road and only became a whisper in Maroon and White lore, but he led the team to its first ever win and a victory over Ole Miss in the first contest between the two schools.