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1902: Not Quite Living up to Expectations

With the Bulldogs claiming two victories in 1901, football frenzy reached a fever pitch in Starkville, but as so many fans of the Maroon and White know all too well, sometimes, the squad does not quite live up to the hype.

In 1902, the Aggies brought on their fourth coach in as many seasons, L. L. Gwinn. His tenure would only last one year as Mississippi A & M regressed in his time in Starkville.

Playing at the Starkville Fairgrounds, the Aggies opened the seasons with two home losses, a 15-6 loss to Cumberland and a 21-0 loss to Ole Miss. If the name Cumberland sounds familiar to you, it is probably because they suffered a 222-0 defeated to Georgia Tech in 1916.

In the third game of the season, the Aggies traveled to Tulane and fought to a 11-11 tie. The next week, Mississippi A&M strolled over to Alabama and dropped a 27-0 decision, marking the third straight time they shut out the Aggies.

The fifth game for the Aggies marked their only win of the season, a 26-0 victory over Howard. The celebrations did not last long as Mississippi A&M fell at home on a Thursday night to LSU 6-0.

As has been the case many times, the Maroon and White faithful left the season with shattered and tattered dreams.