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MSU News and Notes | Friday, May 18, 2012

YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS (via <a href=""></a>)

News and notes will be quick today but there are some things that you guys need to know about. Also, happy Friday!

A word on Friday from my friends above here (Not Safe For Work - Language)

  • Most important thing first: State again used strong pitching and got just enough hitting to power past #6 Kentucky 3-1 last night. Another night, another great outing from Chris Stratton, who improved to 10-1 pitching 6 1/3 innings striking out 8 while allowing 6 hits and one measly run. State slugger Wes Rea busted (bursted?) out of a 1 for 41 slump with a 2 RBI single early in the game. That ended up being all the State hurlers needed, as Stratton, Ross Mitchell and Jonathan "Blutarsky" Holder held Kentucky to just 1 run. This pitching staff was again solid across the board as they've been the majority of the year. Groundball machine Kendall Graveman on the bump for the maroon tomorrow as we go for the series win.

The only thing that makes that note better is if it says ROLL TIDE at the bottom

Have a great weekend guys, and here's to hoping we sweep UK!

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