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FWTCT Greatest Games Bracket, RD1 : 1980 vs. Bama (Football) VS. 2004 vs. Florida (Football)

Greatest games 1
Greatest games 1

So far the matchups have been pretty evenly paired, with the voting neck and neck between games paired up together. However, this matchup may be heavily favored in one direction, as many State fans remember the iconic 1980 game featured in this battle. Who knows what may happen though: the '04 Florida contest beat out some pretty strong contestants in the "play-in" vote to make it to this round, but now they find themself face to face with one of the biggest games in our history. We shall see who comes out the victor.

Mississippi State vs. Alabama (Football) November 1, 1980

"I was there when we beat the bear"

Late in the 1980 football season, coach Paul "Bear" Bryant marched his undefeated and uncontested Alabama Crimson Tide football team into Jackson, Mississippi's Memorial Stadium for a matchup with our own Maroon and White. Alabama was riding a 28 game winning streak, and operating a powerful rushing offense that averaged more than 300 yards per game that season. But it was not to be on this day, as an Emory Bellard - coached MSU team completely shut down the might Tide offense, and held them without a touchdown. But late in the game, Alabama was putting together what looked to be the game winning drive, and they found themselves inside the Bulldog redzone. With less than 20 seconds remaining in the contest, Alabama lined up in the wishbone formation and ran one final play. One play that will forever remain in Bulldog lore (specific play at 4:06 of the video):

Mississippi State---Alabama 1980 Last 2 minutes (via SteelyZan)

Mississippi State vs. Florida (Football) October 23, 2004

"Can you believe it"

Most of us couldn't. In a season and period of MSU football full of dissappointment, Jerious Norwood's heroics on that late October day would be a singular shining moment from an abismal Croom era. Norwood will forever hold a place in most Bulldog fans hearts, especially for slaying the mighty Gators on that day:

Can you believe it (via pyleofkung)

There are your 2 contestants, folks - a real David vs. Goliath contest, if you ask me. Make sure you vote for your favorite game so it gets to move on to our round two. And make sure you vote soon: voting will close for this game this Wednesday at noon, as we prepare for our second round matchups to start on Thursday.