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Prisoner of the Moment Watches MSU vs. Arkansas

Mississippi State takes on Arkansas as part of Day 1 of the SEC Baseball Tournament. Prisoner of the moment took a half day from work to watch the game on TV because he's so excited after State swept Kentucky. This is in direct contrast to a week ago when he burned his son's John Cohen instructional hitting DVD.

/ Frazier strikes out to lead off the game - "Oh, no, we can't hit!"

/ Woodruff gives up a run in the 1st inning - "he is awful, we won't be able to overcome this lead!"

/ 4 scoreless innings pitched by Arkansas starter - "he is un-hitable! State can't win this game; we'll be 2 and out in this tournament."

/ Ross Mitchell comes in, gives up 2-run homer - "why did I take off work! I hate this baseball team! I thought we could pitch, but now we can't even do that!" / changes the channel to TBS (Home Improvement is on), heads for the pantry to eat an oatmeal cream pie.

/ flips it back to the game 20 minutes later, score is 3-3 - "what happened!!!" / keeps pressing rewind on the DVR remote, nothing happens.

/ calls cable company - "you have the worst service!" / hangs up.

/ checks twitter to see what happened, Matthew Stevens, Brandon Marcello, Brad Locke, Michael Wardlaw, Gene Swindell, mstate Baseball, Miss State Baseball, Maroon and White Nation, Jim Ellis, Bart Gregory, Bob Carskadon, and Joe Dier have all said the same thing only using slightly different words -- "we're the comeback kids!"

/ top of the 8th, runners on 2nd & 3rd, 2 out; Renfroe gets caught looking - "we always leave guys on base! we NEVER come through! how can we win if we can't hit!"

/ bottom of the 8th, runner at 3rd, 0 out for UPig cleanup hitter - "we're done. it's over. sign us up to play LSU tomorrow." / races for computer, opens Six Pack, writes draft on how bad Cohen needs to go.

/ Holder comes in, State gets out of jam - "I knew we could do it!"

/ Sam Frost delivers a single to drive home Mitch Slauter from 3rd, State takes 4-3 lead. - "Yes! We are soooooo clutch! Frost is the man!" / sets diet Coke down over M-State coaster which had pencil scibblings, 'eat my shorts Sam Frost'.

/ Holder strikes out the side in the 9th - "We're going to win the SEC Tournament!" / does awkward pelvic thrusts in circular motion; wife walks in - "I need an oatmeal cream pie".

*This bunch of gobbely gook was brought to you by the brain of @croomdiaries. Thank you and good day.