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FWTCT Greatest Games Bracket, RD1 : 1990 vs. Florida State (Baseball) VS. 1999 vs. Auburn (Football)

Best Bracket in Our State
Best Bracket in Our State

Wow. This matchup is the classic head to head of comeback/walk off games, in my opinion, in the history of modern Mississippi State athletics. I honestly can't think of a bigger time where State was down, and presumably out, and before you know it either we're right back in the thick of things or, boom, game over. I can honestly defend my choice on all of the previous votes, but for this, I'm stuck. So make sure y'all don't split the vote evenly, thus making me the tiebreaker, 'cause I'll gladly pass the buck.

Florida State vs Mississippi State (baseball) May 27, 1990, Starkville, MS

This game is revered in the history MSU athletics so much, John Grisham was chosen to speak about the defining moment as a "Story of Character" for the SEC's 75 year anniversary. Now whether that's because Burke Masters has become a quite productive member of society, or because the moment is so kick ass; I don't know, but I'm hoping it's secretly the latter.

Mississippi State was hosting a regional (in 1990 only a regional was played), and were facing top seeded Florida State. Going into the 9th inning, the Seminoles were up 8-5 before the Diamond Dogs loaded the bases and had Masters come to the plate. It plays out like only you can hope it does:


Mississippi State vs Auburn (football) October 9, 1999, Auburn, AL

To Matt Wyatt: don't feel bad at all about voting for this one. The 14th ranked Bulldogs came to the Plains with a 5-0 record; sophomore Wayne Madkin was under center and an eventual #1 defense was on the other side of the ball. Madkin had to leave at halftime with an injury to his throwing hand and it would seem the Bulldogs had no chance. Down 16-3, the typical Bulldog fan would assume this game is over. But the '99 season was special, and backup QB Wyatt pulled out one of the all time greatest comebacks in Bulldog history. Cheers to that defense and especially to Matt Wyatt for getting the W on the plains that day. If you haven't seen the ending to this game, you owe it to yourself to spend 10 minutes watching State go to 6-0 with a 18-16 victory over the Tigers/Plainsman/WarEagles/Flavoroftheweek.