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FWTCT Greatest Games: Quarterfinal #1


Today"s Matchup: 2004 Basketball vs Alabama (Won SEC Regular Season Title in a comeback) against 2000 Football vs Florida (one of the most complete performances by an MSU football team. EVER. And it came against the #3 team in the country).

How they got here:

The 2004 basketball team's comeback in Tuscaloosa took care of the historic 1963 basketball game vs Loyola, 32 votes - 22 votes. Meanwhile, the 2000 football game vs #3 Florida slipped by the 2000 Snow Bowl, 27 votes - 22 votes.

As most of the match-ups will be from here on out, this one is tough to call. In one corner you have one of the most electric atmospheres in Scott Field history. Who could forget the destructive force of Willie Blade causing Florida's center to forget how to snap a football. I give you, 3rd and 57...

In the other corner stands a monumental comeback to win the overall SEC title. On the road. IN TUSCALOOSA. DOWN 16 WITH UNDER 9 MINUTES LEFT. ARE YOU SERIOUS, TIMMY BOWERS?!