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100 Days of MSU Football - Day 94


100 Days of MSU Football - Day 94

In 2011, one of the best players in recent Mississippi State football history wore #94. His name? Fletcher Cox, and just a month ago the big defensive lineman from Yazoo City was rewarded for his work at Mississippi State by being selected 12th overall in the NFL Draft to the Philadelphia Eagles. In the history of a school who has been blessed with many talented defensive lineman, Fletcher may have been the best. A rare combination of a quick burst of speed off the ball and brute strength, Cox will not doubt shine in his professional career if he continues to build upon the success he attained while in maroon and white.

With Fletcher gone to the NFL, MSU will need someone to step up and fill his shoes this upcoming fall, whether it be by an individual or by team effort. Will another Fletcher Cox type player emerge in 2012 for State? Curtis Virges, Quay Evans, Denico Autry and others on State's defensive front certainly think so. Also, look for Josh Boyd, Fletcher's former running mate, to shine as the most talented returning member of the maroon and white defensive front.