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10 Most Hated People, Places and Things in the SEC


10. Harvey Updike, Jr. - A redneck who doubles as an arborist.

9. Charles Robinson - Yahoo! sports writer who writes all kinds of stories about scandals in college football. No fan of a SEC school wants to see him walking around campus.

8. Bobby Lowder - He's losing power but he is the name associated with the board of trustees at Auburn that everyone is suspicious of.

7. John Calipari - He has brought Kentucky back to the top of the SEC, and the country. He is cocky too, and there's not much anyone can do about it.

6. Steve Spurrier - Folks love to hate Spurrier, and the more he wins the higher his name goes on this list.

5. Bobby Petrino - Totally unlikable. Prior to his recent indiscretions Arkansas fans were the only ones who did like him, but now that is over.

4. Death Valley - And the LSU fans that lurk there. They swarm the opposing team's bus and try to tip it over, throw beer, spit whatever's in there mouth including gumbo, they drink all day long and become even more nuts.

3. Alabama - We know how much Auburn hates them. Mississippi State hates them, Tennessee hates them, LSU hates them. Florida's SEC Championship Game rival. Now they are back to winning national championships and that is no good for anyone....other than Tide fans.

2. Paul Finebaum - Paaaawwwwllllll. I would search for a good clip of an Alabama redneck calling into his show, but, well, you could just tune in this afternoon for five minutes to hear that. F bomb really knows how to stir the pot.

1. Nick Saban - In the 5 years before he got to Tuscaloosa, Alabama won 36 games. He has won 55 in his 5 years.