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Most Obnoxious Fanbases in the SEC

This is a football-themed post, as football is king.

(I'll get to A&M and Mizzu at the end)

12. Kentucky - They are further away so it's less likely to run into a Kentucky football fan. The C-A-T-S chant is annoying at the SEC basketball tournament, but they are pretty quiet during football.

11. Vanderbilt - You'd think they would be #12, but there are a few obnoxious Vandy fans out there....if you can find them that is.

10. Mississippi State - This goes to the State fans who are constantly ringing their cowbell at the game giving the person behind and in front of them a serious headache. I really love cowbell, but not every second of the game.

9. South Carolina - They aren't that obnoxious I guess, but I know they aren't as hospitable as MSU fans so they aren't going to beat us out on this list.

8. Tennessee - Orange. All of east Tennessee is orange.


7. Ole Miss - I'm sure I don't need to explain to you how an TSUN fan is obnoxious. They aren't too high on the list so I guess it could be a lot worse rival-wise.

6. Arkansas - Pig Sooie. People from Arkansas. Yikes.

5. LSU - As an MSU fan these are inviting, warm people (because they always smoke us). For everyone out.

4. Auburn - War Eagle: the obsession. The love of anything Auburn is borderline insane.

3. Georgia - The UGA fan drinks like a fish, and then barks like a dog....and vice versa. In their head, they've won 28 national titles, in reality: one (claim 2).

2. Alabama - They probably can't compete with Tennessee from a numbers standpoint for redneck fans, but they sure beat them with loudmouth ones.

1. Florida - Jorts, bragging, endless gator chomping, etc.


As for Texas A&M and Missouri, who will be joining us for the 2012 party, I really don't know too much about. All indications are that Aggie fans aren't too bad. Judging from this video, Mizzu fans will either be a lot of fun or racing to the top of the list.....

"We Are Mizzou" Music Video (via WeAreMissouri)