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MSU News and Notes | Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Hump day, ladies and gentlemen, so be happy knowing that your work weeks are half way over (unless you're on the baseball team, which has a good deal of work to do this weekend in Gainesville). Here are your news and notes for Wednesday, hope it's a good one!

  • We talked yesterday about how State changed its previously scheduled double header last night with Mississippi Valley State to a single game, probably to help preserve RPI somewhat. It looks like the Delta Devils took it personally, because they came out and gave State a game for about 6 innings, before a Matthew Britton single scored a couple and helped State to eventually pull away to a 6-3 victory. Also of note is the fact that Coach Cohen did not coach the Bulldogs in last night's game, as he was suspended for one game for his antics at the end of last Sunday's Alabama game.
  • Kudos to biguglykidjoe on Sixpack for finding this: a post on on undrafted free agents and their potential impacts for their respective teams. Included in that list is some notes on our own James Carmon and Quentin Saulsberry, and how they might fight their teams needs. Really think both guys could have positive impacts for their respective organizations.
  • If you missed it yesterday, Crooms did an excellent piece on his trip to Auburn's new basketball arena, and how State should take some notes from what they did on the Plains.
  • Not MSU related, but my goodness, Josh Hamilton hit 4 HR's last night against the Orioles. And he is on the team I'm playing in fantasy baseball this week. Yay me!
  • Good stuff from Matt Stevens on MSU Freshman closer Jonathan Holder
  • Really neat idea brought to our attention a couple of days ago (and also more widespread yesterday by Bulldawg Junction) about a lady putting together a book of peoples Cowbells and the stories behind them. Really, really cool idea. Looking forward to reading that one. You can find her blog here and also she's on twitter.
  • Bob Carskadon baseball analysis at its finest, y'all!

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