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John Cohen Suspended for Friday Night Game vs. Florida

John Cohen has been suspended for 1 game by the SEC for his late game commentary and subsequent post-game ejection in last Sunday's 8-7 loss against Alabama. Cohen became heated during Sunday's game with the home plate umpire after a hit to the pitcher by Alabama hitter Austen Smith was called a foul ball, giving the batter new life. Smith went on to reach base, and the next hitter up doubled to win the game. The alleged foul ball, if called fair, would have been the last recorded out for Alabama, and would have sealed a 7-6 win for MSU.

Cohen gave a brief reaction to Brandon Marcello of the Clarion Ledger. Here's a portion of it:

"I have total respect for the commissioner of the SEC and I will adhere to his ruling," Cohen said. "I've never really been involved with anything like this before in my 20-year career but I do have tremendous respect for him..." (read the rest of Cohen's statement and more on the suspension at the Clarion Ledger blog)

Cohen has also been instructed that he cannot participate in MSU's practice tomorrow.

It's never good to be without your coach in baseball: especially not when you're going on the road to play the #6 team in the nation, Florida.

Also, a quick clarification: the suspension Cohen served Tuesday versus Valley was NCAA mandated - the one he's been dished out by the SEC is a separate matter.

We'll have more on Cohen's suspension and what effect it could have on State for Friday night.