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New and Notes | Friday, June 1, 2012

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via PodKATT

(to the tune of Amos Lee's ‘Keep it loose, keep it tight')

Well I walked along the way into the ballpark where we'd play, and I saw my old ball coach

and we both said hello, there was nowhere else to go, cause my hiring he didn't su-pport

well relationships change, still I think it's kinda strange how cigars make a man cold

in times like these, I wish he'd be proud of me, still he thinks they should've hired Raffo

why did he want them to hire Raffooooooo.....

News and Notes is back on this the opening day of the 2012 NCAA Baseball Regionals. State is set to take on the Samford Bulldogs here in a few short hours to kick things off for the weekend, and here's your regional-related News and Notes to get your Friday Started off on the right foot (even after that disastrous parody song above):

  • To get ready for this weekend's regional in Tallahassee, we gave you some quick facts on the other participants and potential opponents for State: Samford, Florida State and UAB. The Samford facts will be up here shortly on the blog.
  • John Cohen made it officially official (like, Facebook official) that he would start MSU ace Chris Stratton (11-1, 2.21 ERA) in this morning's Bulldog-on-Bulldog matchup.
  • Chris was honored with a 1st team All-American nomination from Louisville Slugger yesterday. I'm about 100000% sure that won't be the last award we see come in for him.
  • Croom Diaries and tbradenbishop manned the FWTCT Radio Show on Bulldog Sports Radio last evening. Missed it? You can catch the guys breaking down the regionals and possibly discussing favorite potato chip flavors HERE.
  • Can't make it to the game but want to know where you can watch it? Here's the ESPN link letting you know where every game of every regional will be televised.
  • Did you know that there were like a BAGILLION coaching connections in this weekend's regional? Oh... you did? Still, here's Matt Stevens on the many ways these coaches (and player's parents) know each other well.
  • Florida State will save their ace Mike Compton for the second game of the regional, coach Mike Martin announced earlier this week. That could obviously affect MSU, as the dogs would most likely play Florida State Saturday, should they defeat Samford this morning.
  • Michael Busby, former MSU pitcher and current UAB Blazer starter, gets the nod tonight when the Blazers take on Florida State.
  • We couldn't be at the regional news conference yesterday because obviously we were working the corner trying to feed our 16 kids, but here's some tweets covering the highlights of the conference:

"Our kids wanted to face Stratton. Other things our kids like? bowling balls to the twins, ice cream filled with shrapnel, MILEY CYRUS ON REPEAT IN A CHILDPROOF LOCKED VEHICLE IN THE BACKSEAT"

BREAKING: John Cohen's bat, and that ump's face, in the parking lot, after the game.


  • Here's a footprint of what the newly expanded Davis Wade Stadium will look like (via Xenomorph on sixpackspeak):


  • Want to know what a good endzone expansion costs these days? Oh, bout $80,000,000 (Croom and I could do it for $60,000,000):

That's all for today folks. Have another great weekend, and here's to hoping I see ya on the other side with the Bulldogs moving on to Super Regionals! Also, remember this weekend if you face any trials or tribulations down this road we call life, just heed the words that a wise man named L. E. Corso once said: "AHHHHH, DUCK IT!":


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