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FWTCT Greatest Games: Semi-Final #2


We're down to the Final Four of Mississippi State games. I guess it's only fitting that in this semi-final match-up we have a game that took MSU basketball to the Final Four and another team that seemed destined to go there...the contenders...

1996 Basketball vs Cincinnati (Elite 8 game)

After swatting "Mario's Big Three" (Basketball vs UK 2002) and knocking out "Grand Slam for Masters!" (Baseball vs FSU 1990), the game that sent Mississippi State basketball to it's first and only Final Four appearance has grinded it's way to the semi-finals. Dontae' Jones put up another eye-popping performace (23 points and 13 boards) and the Bulldog defense pretty much shutdown every Cincy player not named Danny Fortson. Erick Dampier picked up his 4th foul with 11 minutes to go, but freshman Tyrone Washington held his own against Fortson with Dampier on the bench. The Bulldogs would go on to win 73-63; making history by advancing to the Final Four.

2004 Basketball at Alabama (Comeback that gave MSU the outright SEC Title)

History was no match (1963 MBB vs Loyola) . Neither was Spurrier's visor toss (2000 FB vs #3 Florida). Timmy Bowers and the 2004 Mississippi State basketball team REFUSE TO LOSE. That's not surprising. Down 16 with under nine minutes to play, the Bulldogs battled back and put the ball in Timmy Bowers hands not once...but twice. 82-81 MSU. SEC Champs.