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100 Days of MSU Football - Day 80

Today's MSU offense under Coach Dan Mullen typically features a quarterback that has the ability to both run and pass the ball at any time. Mullen's offense, the spread option, was a newly integrated offense when he came in after years and years of MSU running a standard set with a drop back passing QB and power I running back. But Mullen's offense wasn't the first to command a QB who can both run and pass. In 1980, Emory Bellard's second year at the helm of the maroon and white, the Dogs featured a legitimate option attack, led by a Freshman QB by the name of John Bond.

Bond took over for Dwayne Brown in 1980 after Brown graduated and picked up right where Dwayne left off, immediately displaying his ability to pick up yards through the air or on the ground with his legs. From 1980-1983 Bond led the team in total yardage each season, amassing greater than 1200+ yards every year.

Year Rush Yards Pass Yards Plays Total Yards TDs
1980 720 849 264 1569 10
1981 339 875 277 1214 6
1982 609 1591 327 2200 11
1983 612 1306 369 1918 15

Bond remains in 2nd place all time in the MSU record books for career total offense behind fellow Bulldog legend Don Smith.

Here's a picture of him taking off for a gain against Kansas in the 1981 Hall of Fame Bowl

All statistics and record information via the MSU Football Media Guide, 2011 Edition.