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100 Days of MSU Football Countdown: Day 76

Day 76: Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack And Other Great Bulldog Names

When thinking of #76 and MSU Football, one thing comes to mind: Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack. In my mind, he has the greatest name in Mississippi State football history. Who doesn't love an All-American offensive tackle with the name "Pork Chop?"

2012 ROSTER - BEST NAME: I have to give it to Nickoe Whitley. Hard-hitting name for a hard-hitting player.

Here are some other notable names from former Bulldog players...

Adesola Badon (1995-98) - Always liked this one growing up.
R.R. Biggers (1926) - Sounds like an old-school sherriff
Ray Ray Bivines (2001-04) - Couldn't catch him in a phone-booth.
Blondy Black (1940-42) - Opposite ends of the spectrum
Dorrsett Davis (1999-01) - BA name for a BA player
Hoyle Granger (1963-65) - Throwback name if there ever was one
Avery Hannibal (2004-07) - Undersized DT with the name Hannibal? Loved it.
Mike Hunt (2010) - No comment.
Buzz Joy (1969) - I have a feeling this guy was incredibly happy or a total Debbie Downer
W.G. McCraken (1944) - I think this guy hosted a vaudeville show after games.
Tom "Shorty" McWilliams (1944-48) -
Jerious Norwood (2002-05) - Great football player name
Jasper O'Quinn (2007-08) - An Irishman with dreads? OK.
William Pappenheimer (1927-29)
Ike Pickle (1934-36) - I hope he was 5'6 150 lbs, if not it's still an awesome name.
Pig Prather (1998-2001) - 'Nuff said
Shag Pyron (1949-51) - Bizzare
Sleepy Robinson (1990-92) - You say "Sleepy" in MSU circles and everyone knows.
Emmitt Smith (1998) - Nope, not THAT Emmitt Smith.
Fred Smoot (1999-2000) - SMOOOOOOOTTTT
Basil Stricklin (1949-51) - If Scott Stricklin was an herb...
Tron Thomas (1997-2000)
Shed Hill Weeks (1932-33) - What if it was Shed Hill Wheelbarrow?

What are your favorite MSU football names?