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Is it Time for the Bulldogs to Toughen Their Out of Conference Schedule?

If you are an active reader on this site, you have probably figured out that I am not a fan of the way the Bulldogs have been scheduling their out of conference opponents. While I am not asking Mississippi State to come up with a murderer's row of opponents, I would like to see the Bulldogs play at least one BCS school every year in their out of conference schedule.

I know all of the reasons against this: already a tough schedule, let's get to a bowl, and no need to get beat up by other teams early. Over the rest of the week, I will lay out four reasons why Mississippi State needs to ramp up their out of conference football schedule.

Here are the four basic reasons:

1) Mississippi State can beat many of the teams

2) The long term benefits as far as nationwide respect

3) Better preparation against quality programs

4) Enhance the fan experience

I hope you all follow along and share your thought and opinions along the way.