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Boost the Schedule Bulldogs: Reason 4-Enhance Fan Experience

So far, each of the arguments laid out for a adding a BCS foe to the out of conference schedule has revolved around benefits to the football team. If you have missed those, you can read them here, here, and here.

Today, the focus shifts to the fans. It hardly seems fair that fans have to shell out hard earned dollars to see such lackluster contests. Who here can say truthfully that going to the Jackson State, Middle Tennessee State, or South Alabama game really excites them. I would think that many fans going to these games will tailgate through a good portion of the game, and rightfully so.

I agree with CroomDiaries earlier post about trying to keep seven home games on the Mississippi State schedule. If you look at it statistically almost every team to play in a BCS title game (and, yes, I know the Bulldogs are not to that point yet) have averaged around 4.5 road games per season. I do think you can schedule home and aways with BCS programs and keep seven home games a season.

To me, a much more exciting schedule for the fans would be to see a BCS school come to Davis Wade to open the home schedule every other year. I think an FCS school is perfect for homecoming games, and sprinkling in two other patsies somewhere to get well is a perfect idea.

To be fair, the atmosphere at Davis Wade pales in comparison to the atmosphere in the late 1990s. There are many reasons for that, but bringing back that atmosphere is an important step in building this program back. Fans need to warm up and get ready for big games as well. They cannot get into a weak home opener and bounce back for Auburn. They need a game to get invested in early, and a BCS foe will do just that.

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