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College Football Overtime: First to 6 Points

I don't know about you, but I don't really care for the setup of college football overtime. You don't have to get a first down to score, it can take an extraordinary amount of time to complete, and it seems like the play gets really sloppy as the overtimes progress. One suggestion I like is moving the starting point to the 40 yard line, but I prefer more drastic changes.

Born from the idea of the NFL's playoff overtimes rules, I would like to see a "5th quarter" where the first team to score six points wins. Now, in the NFL playoff overtime, a team only has to score six if it's their first possession. What I would like to suggest is simply the first to score six points regardless of when you do it.

So that means a touchdown or two field goals will get it done. And it's like the NFL where there is a kickoff and you must drive the ball as you would in regulation. I have never liked the NFL regular season model where a team can make two or three first downs, kick a field goal and win the game before the other team's offense got a shot. But, if a team can drive the length of the field on your defense to score a touchdown before your offense can get a be it.

If the game ends in a tie, then it ends in a tie. Say team A kicks a FG in OT, and team B scores on a safety, so the score is 20-19 when the "5th quarter" hits 0:00 - team A wins. But if it's still 17-17 or 20-20, game ends in a tie. If it's the playoffs and the overtime quarter ends in a tie, then go to the old (or current) overtime rules but make each team go for two when they score a touchdown.

First team to score six points - it would be a better overtime.