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100 Days of MSU Football Countdown - Day 68



With a little over two months away until the start of what is expected to be an exciting season for Mississippi State, please allow me to depress you for the next couple of days as I remind you of what may be the darkest era ever for the Bulldogs: 1966-68.

The 1968 season is one of only four winless football seasons in Mississippi State's over 100 year history of playing the sport (two of the four seasons being the first seasons in the program's history). The Bulldogs finished the season 0-8-2. HEY! WE TIED OLE MISS AND TEXAS TECH! WOOO! MAROON! WHITE! TIE, TIE, TIE!

On a serious note, can you imagine the relief of the players/fans to just get a tie against a pretty good Ole Miss team that played in the Liberty Bowl that year? I bet Rick's was ROCKING that night.

Some of the losses are laughable: A 47-14 homecoming loss to USM. Some of them were close: a 20-16 loss @ LSU. Some of them are absurd: 24-17 loss to Tampa....TAMPA?? REALLY?! Unless we're talking strip clubs or Busch Gardens then Tampa should ALWAYS lose.

Check out the countdown tomorrow as I reflect upon the 1967 season where we actually won a game, but were actually worse than in 1968.