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100 Days of MSU Football Countdown - Day 67



Ok. You thought the 1968 season was bad? You ain't seen nothin, brah.

In my mind, there is no season in the history of Mississippi State football that compares to the awfulness of '67. Imagine a combination of Nickleback, Creed, and The Baha Men deconstructed and rebuilt as a football team, no, no that's not good'd have to stir a few Milwaukee's Best (THE BEAST) into the mixture and top it off with some scenes from The Room to truly capture how bad these Bulldogs performed.

Mississippi State finished 1-9 (0-6 SEC) in 1967. Their lone win was a 7-3 barn-burner against Texas Tech. The Bulldogs were shutout FOUR times and scored over ten points TWICE (14 against USM and 12 against Florida State). They were boat-raced on homecoming by Houston, 43-6, and scored a combined THREE points in their final four games (outscored 114-3 during that stretch).

So, next time you crack open a Beast, be sure to give a toast to the guys who wore maroon that infamous fall of '67.