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100 Days of MSU Football: Day 64--Win Total in the 1990s


The 1990s, the "Good Ole' Days" of Mississippi State football are unrivaled in sheer terms of success in the recent history of the Bulldogs. Overall, only the 1940s can match the wins and success of those squads of the 90s.

So many of names are still revered by Bulldog fans: Wayne Madkin, Eric Moulds, Josh Morgan, Fred Smoot, Kevin Prentiss, and J.J. Johnson.

These players helped lead the Bulldogs to 64 victories in the 1990s. The victories included wins over programs such as Texas, LSU, Auburn, Southern Miss, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma State and Clemson.

The list of accomplishments of the teams of the 1990s include: a Peach Bowl victory, a trip to the Cotton Bowl, another birth in the Peach Bowl, an invite to the Liberty Bowl, and most importantly, the SEC West Championship.

The 1998 season saw the Bulldogs reach Atlanta where they had eventual national champion, Tennessee, on the ropes before capitulating. The 1999 season saw Mississippi State jump out to an 8-0 start and the No. 8 ranking.

The 1990s? A great time indeed.