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Danny Sheridan's Odds to Win the SEC East & West

I'm not a big Danny Sheridan fan. In fact, I am not remotely one. The guy looks like he's still in the 70s, and he's full of it. I'm not into gambling either, but I do take a peak at the lines during football season...and in this case the odds for each SEC team to win their respective divisions.

Interesting to note here: MSU is even with Auburn - which the only surprise there is State actually getting some respect. Texas A&M is 25:1 compared to Auburn and MSU at 8:1; it is surprising that they would be that far back. What isn't surprising, but is quite amusing is Ole Miss' 500:1 odds. According to this odds-maker, Mississippi State is 62.5 times more likely to win the SEC West than Ole Miss.

Ole Miss, you suck.