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Video of the New Football Facility

This video is about a week old, but I missed it so maybe you did too. It takes you through the new football facility currently being built on campus.

A few things of note:
1. Jon Clark's hard hat is maroon (as a construction man myself, I need to get one of those).
2. He says, "this is where the Egg Bowl trophy will be displayed", obviously assuming victory in 2012 as the facility will not open until early 2013...I like it.
3. Somebody should have told the duct man to get his stuff out of the way so we could see the locker room.
4. If the captains get to chose what type of music the team listens to, how does that work if they don't have the same taste in tunes? If I'm the captain, we're listening to some Strait; but something tells me Johnthan Banks and Josh Boyd aren't down with that. Is there a lot of peer pressure for the captains to choose the right songs? Do they take requests? Who's in charge of controlling the iPod if it's on shuffle and Bonnie Tyler comes on?
5. Will the players ever be seen on campus again after this thing is built?
6. 50 guys in one cold tub after practice. If I've got to be in a tub with a bunch of other dudes...cold is where it's at.
7. 25,000 square feet of area to pump iron. Wow. And there's roll up doors that lead straight to the practice fields in case the guys get so big they can't fit through a standard 3' x 7' personnel door.

Tour of the new MSU Football Facility, currently under construction (via mstateathletics)