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100 Days of MSU Football - Day 84

Day 84 comes from 1984....beating #9 LSU 16-14 in Starkville.

There are four things that makes this win special:

1. The game was actually in Starkville. From 1926-1992 there were only 3 games played in Starkville (45 out of 67 years in Baton Rouge).

2. We beat LSU.

3. LSU was ranked #9 at the time (MSU finished 4-7 that year).

4. It was the 5th consecutive time we beat LSU. 1980: 55-31, 1981: 17-9 at LSU, 1982: 17-14 vs. #6 LSU, 1983: 45-26 at LSU.

This win actually made it 9 out of 11 for MSU vs. LSU. Can you believe that? Considering State has won one time in the last 20 years (1999) it's almost hard to believe that we played so well against the Bayou Bengals. Ironically, Mississippi State has done horrible in this series ever since it moved to a Starkville/Baton Rouge home and home.