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MSU News and Notes | Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good morning! Hopefully you got at least a couple hours of sleep last night, although I doubt you did, because like me you were probably up all night playing NCAA Football '13 and yelling "5 MORE MINUTES PLEASE GAAAHHHH" at your wife/girlfriend/mom as she calls down to the basement. For you ladies who don't understand, NCAA Football '13 is a man's Christmas Day after he's like 18 years old, because we're basically just getting socks on December 25th at that point anyways. And because, like Christmas as a child, the release of our favorite game makes us feel like THIS.

Despite the fact that it's the middle of the summer and there should be nothing of note going on (besides USA Network season premieres), there is, in fact, a good bit of info for news goings on around Starkville. Here is this week's MSU News and Notes.

  • This year's MLB Draft not only took Junior ace Chris Stratton from the Bulldogs, but it has apparently also taken a signee, William Dupont of Wildwood, Missouri. Dupont told MSU coaches yesterday that he intends to sign with the Toronto Blue Jays this week after they took him in the 16th round of this year's MLB Draft. All's well in MSU recruiting world though, says Columbus Dispatch's Matt Stevens, as the Dogs added Candian infielder Kyle Hann to this year's class, giving the Bulldogs a second Canadian player. Hann is considered by some in the hosehead nation as one of the best hitters in Canada's 2012 baseball recruiting class.
  • Dee Bost has been signed to the Portland Trailblazers summer league team, the school announced yesterday. Congrats to Dee, all he needs is an opportunity and he got it.
  • More preseason award watch lists were announced yesterday, including the John Mackey (nation's best TE) and the Rimington (nation's best Center). MSU's Malcom Johnson (Mackey) and Dillon Day (Rimington) were named to those respective lists yesterday, as announced by the school. Both guys are Sophomores, and Malcom Johnson is one of only two Sophomores on the Mackey preseason list.
  • The cover to the 2012 MSU Football Media Guide has been released, and we care, because there is nothing else sports related to care about right now.
  • Is there a funnier man on tv right now than Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si? I submit that there is not.
  • While you were mistakenly watching the All Star Game last night, two of the best shows on television, Covert Affairs and White Collar, were having their season premiers. You fool.
  • For any of you reading who are Texas A&M and/or Missouri fans, our friends at And The Valley Shook have put together a nice list of Do's and Don't's for your first fall in our league.
  • Former Bulldog QB Wesley Carroll is going to throw this week with Chad Ochocinco Johnson. I've heard how responsive and cool Johnson is with his followers on Twitter, and it's cool to see him interact with someone THAT WE USED TO KNOW [but you didn't have to cuuuutttt mmmeee offf...].
  • A guide to the SEC football coaches from EDSBS. Did you really need to know what it was? It's from Spencer Hall, so READ IT ALREADY.]
  • Yesterday, Croom Diaries spelled out the ideal college football schedule for you. It's your duty to read about it, study it, learn it, live it (if you're an AD).
  • Look for us to have interviews with two former MSU football legends posted to the site on Thursday and Friday, courtesy of our friends at Bulldog Sports Radio.
  • Yesterday I used my copy of NCAA Football 2013 to simulate State's 2012 season. Results? Actually pretty good. Dan Mullen beats an SEC West team not named Ole Miss to shut all of his critics up, and State goes to a New Years Day bowl yet again. Check out the full blog post around 8ish this morning.
  • Late last week it was announced that MSU Senior Senior Tight End Marcus Green was granted a 6th year of eligibility. Green, who sat out all of 2010 with a knee injury, was told he could not apply for a medical hardship until his eligibility expired after the 2011 season. And that's what Green did, and he was then granted a 6th year. He immediately makes the receiving corps better for MSU QB Tyler Russell, and will challenge Mackey watch lister Malcom Johnson for the starting spot at TE.

That's the News and Notes for today, ladies and gentlemen. Have a great hump day, and as always, if I missed something note worthy, leave it in the comments.

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