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Our interview with Wayne Madkin (from BSR's Madkin & Moulds show)

We got a chance to do some Q&A with Bulldog legends Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds <em>(photo courtesy of VSporto Network / Bulldog Sports Radio)</em>
We got a chance to do some Q&A with Bulldog legends Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds (photo courtesy of VSporto Network / Bulldog Sports Radio)

For the last two months, patrons of the Bulldog Sports Radio app have been lucky enough to be able to hear former Bulldog greats Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds share their experiences and thoughts on MSU football. So many of us wonder what former players think about the current state of MSU football, and through Madkin and Moulds we get to hear their thoughts 3 times a week. Thanks to our friends over at Bulldog Sports Radio, FWtCT was fortunate enough to be able to do a question and answer session with both Wayne and Eric, and the guys had some great stuff to share on their experiences at State and their thoughts on the current state of the program under Coach Dan Mullen. This is Part 1 of a 2 part interview, talking with former MSU Quarterback Wayne Madkin. You can find our talk with Bulldog great Eric Moulds on the site tomorrow at the same time.

Q: Which game stands out in your mind as the best game that you had in your MSU career?

Wayne: That's a tough question. I had the fortune to play in a lot of great games. The Independence Bowl game was good due to the fact it was a childhood dream of mine to score the winning point.

Q: At what point in that 1999 Egg Bowl did you feel like "hey, we have a chance to win this thing?"

Wayne: I would have to say when we went into our spread offense and UM could not stop us. It was like playing pitch and catch.

Q: As a former player, what do you think of what Dan Mullen is doing with the program?

Wayne: I think he has brought a sense of confidence and entertainment. Fans enjoy coming to games and are interested in what the administration is going to do next. Well overdue...

Q: How do you think you would have done in a spread-option offense like the one that Dan Mullen utilizes?

Wayne: I think it would have slowed the game down for me significantly. I would be a 65 percent passer. I ran that type of offense in high school, which got me to the SEC, so the possibilities would have been enormous. Although, I don't think I would have not been "informed" as I am as for the game of football at the QB position as far as techniques, setting protection, and the structure and responsibility of the defense.

Q: Do you ever rag Eric about winning an SEC West Championship when he didn't?

Wayne: No, however, you just gave me a reason too...

Q: It seems that the current players love the black jerseys that State has worn several times lately. As a former player, would you have wanted to wear them?

Wayne: It depends. Many players would have liked them, and others would have said ‘Hey, these are not our school colors.' So it all depends on winning... If we were 5-0 wearing those jerseys, everyone would want to wear them all the time.

Q: While you were at State, did you ever feel like the fans supported Matt Wyatt more than they did you?

Wayne: I'm not sure. Matt is a great guy and I believe times have changed when it comes to that. It's hard not to like Matt, and it was very easy not to like myself at sometimes during my career. My main concern was if I had the support of my teammate(s), and I think I did. Matt was one of my biggest supporters. That is what really counted in my book. Most fans don't see what actually happens behind the scenes and don't realize it until 5-10 years down the road. Let's imagine right now having a QB controversy while the team is 8-0 during the season. I believe when we all look back at that time, we all have some things we all would have done differently.

Q: Who were your favorite player(s) to play with while at State?

Wayne: I liked playing with Barrin Simpson, Kevin Prentiss, Kelvin Love, Porkchop Womack, and Ellis Wyms.

Q: What other schools did you seriously consider before you chose State?

Wayne: I only took two visits before I made my decision. I canceled my official trip to Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Ohio State. The offensive coordinators of all four teams recruited me.

Q: What was your favorite Jackie Sherrill saying that you remember when you played for him?

Wayne: "Don't never trust anybody that makes money with their mouth."

Q: What do you think about a potential 4 team (or greater) playoff potentially replacing the current BCS format in college football? (asked prior to the official acceptance of the new 4-team college football playoff)

Wayne: I believe that there will eventually be lesser bowl games within the next 5-10 years because all the money will flow up to the playoffs eventually. In order for that thesis to work, some type of agreement will be needed to ensure that the bowl structure will not be harmed. I don't see that happening. With that being said, I am for the playoff system. I just think there will be a lot of headwinds.

Q: Do you think a playoff would help a school like State or hurt us?

Wayne: I think it would hurt. Unless we can consistently win 8-10 games.

Q: Team that you hated most when you were playing at State and why?

Wayne: Nobody. On the field players respected players.

Q: When you watch games at home, do you ever get so pumped up that you do the Dog Pound Rock in your living room?

Wayne: Ha! Not really because I been there and done that. Maybe if I am at the game. I will get goose bumps before they come out.

A big, big thanks to Wayne for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions, and to Bulldog Sports Radio for getting us the opportunity to ask this Bulldog legend a few questions.

You can catch Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Madkin & Moulds Show on Bulldog Sports Radio. Also, make sure to catch the guys on twitter @MadkinandMoulds. You can listen to the Madkin and Moulds show along with the rest of the outstanding Bulldog Sports Radio programming on your iPhone or Android device. You can also check them out at