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Our interview with Eric Moulds (from BSR's Madkin & Moulds)

We got a chance to do some Q&A with Bulldog legends Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds <em>(photo courtesy VSporto Network / Bulldog Sports Radio)</em>
We got a chance to do some Q&A with Bulldog legends Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds (photo courtesy VSporto Network / Bulldog Sports Radio)

This is Part 2 of 2 interviewing Bulldog legends Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds of Bulldog Sports Radio's Madkin and Moulds show. Catch it each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on BSR.

Q: Which game stands out in your mind as the best game that you had in your MSU career?

Eric: The game that stands out more for me was 1994, against Tennessee at home. They were ranked in the Top 15 nationally. It was 4th and 15, and we needed a play to keep the drive alive, to win the game. Derek Taite threw me a 25 yard pass to get a first down, and then we go down score to win the game and help us go to a bowl game.

Q: As a former player, what do you think of what Dan Mullen is doing with the program?

Eric: He has us going up, and in the right way. We keep going up under his direction, and for Bulldog fans it's great!

Q: How do you think you would have done in a spread-option offense like the one that Dan Mullen utilizes?

Eric: Oh, I would have no doubt done well with it. I maybe could have been Heisman candidate under a pass-first offense like Dan's, because he puts you in a position to be great.

Q: Tell us about the pizza ordering situation at practice...

Eric: The pizza order was a prank, we were just having fun at practice. It was made out to be more than it really was, but all in fun.

Q: It seems that the current players love the black jerseys that State has worn several times lately. As former players, would you guys have wanted to wear them?

Eric: I love the black jerseys, and the current players like them because I think it gives our school colors more swagger when you mix them together. It's a good thing that we have kept our tradition, but we're also trying to advance with time.

Q: Do you feel like the fans supported Matt Wyatt more than they did Wayne during Wayne's time at MSU?

Eric: I think our fans supported all our players. Matt was a great quarterback and a great guy, but I think they supported us all the same.

Q: Who were your favorite player(s) to play with while at State?

Eric: I loved playing with Walt Harris, Dewayne Curry, Keffer McGee, Chris Jones and really, all my teammates were fun. I really enjoyed them all.

Q: What other schools did you seriously consider before you chose State?

Eric: LSU, Florida and Alabama, but really, I was going to go to Duke and play hoops until Jackie Sherrill came and talked me into coming to State!

Q: What was your favorite Jackie Sherrill saying that you remember when you played for him?

Eric: He use to say, "If it ain't good enough, piss on it and make it good enough."

Q: What do you think about a potential 4 team (or greater) playoff potentially replacing the current BCS format in college football? (asked prior to the official acceptance of the new 4-team college football playoff)

Eric: I think it is a great thing. We just have make sure it's done right, but overall, it is great for college football.

Q: Do you think a playoff would help a school like State or hurt us?

Eric: It can only help Mississippi State if there's a playoff. I think it gives all teams a chance, but only if you play well in your conference first.

Q: Team that you hated most when you were playing at State and why?

Eric: Ole Miss. Without a doubt, Ole Miss.

Q: When you watch games at home, do you ever get so pumped up that you do the Dog Pound Rock in your living room?

Eric: Well, I'm a little older now, but I still might try it.

A big, big thanks to Eric for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions, and to Bulldog Sports Radio for getting us the opportunity to ask this Bulldog legend a few questions.

You can catch Wayne Madkin and Eric Moulds each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Madkin & Moulds Show on Bulldog Sports Radio. Also, make sure to catch the guys on twitter @MadkinandMoulds. You can listen to the Madkin and Moulds show along with the rest of the outstanding Bulldog Sports Radio programming on your iPhone or Android device. You can also check them out at