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Are Hopes Too High For These Football Jerseys? (via @tbradenbishop)

Gotta vent, peeps.

I'm no Donatella Versace but I couldn't be less excited about these upcoming jerseys. If these leaked pics a few days ago are really them, this build up has been a real bummer. I'm not trying to be difficult or a stick in the mud but they're just not THAT different and/or exciting. I feel this preview-a-day may be just simply compensation for average, plain-Jane attire. Well hey, at least they're not Russell.

If you are excited and pumped about today's jersey day, that's cool. Knock yourself out. MSU needs all the excitement it can get when it comes to previewing any of its sports in any way.

But like Joe Dirt said:
"It's not what you like... it's the consumer."