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Saturday Thoughts with The Croom Diaries

Hey folks! I'm not sure what to do without a end-of-July Brett Favre saga so I've been making lists. As you saw this week, I ranked the Top 25 games in the SEC this year. I'm sure you agree with the list 100%*.

What are the most interesting games on Mississippi State's schedule? We know which ones are the biggest or which games we hope the Dawgs will win the most....but which are the most interesting. And so I rank them...

1. Auburn
2. Tennessee
3. Texas A&M
4. Arkansas
5. at Alabama
6. at Ole Miss
7. at LSU
8. at Kentucky
9. at Troy
10. Middle Tennessee State
11. South Alabama
12. Jackson State

I'm not sure you agree with that list BUT the top 4 are all at Davis Wade. It's a great home slate this year...I hope we can win out.

This week in MSU sports we got new uniforms and the basketball team took a couple punches to the gut. I discussed this with Robbie Faulk on his radio show, Cheap Labor, on Bulldog Sports yesterday. Check it out via their on demand feature.

Via this article from Clay Travis, here are the over/unders for wins by SEC teams this year...

LSU - 10.5
Alabama - 10.5
Arkansas - 8.5
South Carolina - 8.5
Florida - 7.5
Mississippi State - 7.5
Tennessee - 7.5
Missouri - 7.5
Auburn - 7.5
Texas A&M - 7.5
Vanderbilt - 5.5
Kentucky - 4.5
Ole Miss - 4.5

Georgia was unavailable as they must wait until all summer arrest are made.

A quick word on the NCAA's punishment of Penn State.... I think they did the right thing. I'm glad they used the Freeh Report instead of delaying the thing, dragging it out for everyone. Hopefully the $60 million can be used to some good.

The penalties that were levied out will kill Penn State on the field. I really think it will take at least 10+ years before they are good again. I don't understand the common sentiment that punishing current players is wrong. I don't know what is up with this idea that college athletes and students shouldn't experience any hardship. I'll tell you what, life can suck sometimes, that's just the way it have to get past it.

The bottom line in what the NCAA did is they punished Penn State for letting football get out of hand. Their priorities were out of whack. Football was influencing their decisions in such a way that they would looked away from quite possibly the worst crime anyone could commit and allowed the predator to commit the crime over and over again. It's hard for me to believe that only those four individuals knew about it. At any rate, Penn State needs to adjust their thinking, and being horrible for the next 10 years should give them some perspective.