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100 Days of MSU Football - Day 58

Bulldog legend Jack Cristil called MSU football games on the radio for 58 years <em>(photo courtesy of MSU / <a href="" target="new"></a>)</em>
Bulldog legend Jack Cristil called MSU football games on the radio for 58 years (photo courtesy of MSU /

100 Days of MSU Football - Day 58

On September 19, 1953, a 28 year old man from Memphis, Tennessee by the name of Jack Cristil took over calling Mississippi State football games on the radio. That contest, a 34-6 victory over Memphis State, would turn out to be the first of 636 football games (approx. 63% of the total games played in MSU history) that young man would call for Mississippi State fans over the radio airwaves.

58 seasons later, Jack Cristil retired from the radio booth in Starkville after the finish to the 2010 football season*. Over that time, Bulldog fans came to know and love the gravely, steady voice of Cristil, who gave intricate details to paint in the minds of his listeners the picture of a football game that was being carried out before him. Mr. Cristil's tenure at Mississippi State spanned nearly six decades, 11 presidencies (Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president shortly before Jack took over!), and countless careers of talented MSU football players.

He witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly while at Mississippi State, but through it all, he "gave it to us straight", whether good or bad, and occasionally, he gave us his opinions on what he was seeing as well. His classic phrase to end games in which MSU won, you can wrap this one in Maroon and White, became synonymous with Bulldog victories, and will continue to come to mind each time State registers a win for years to come.

Here (via Sixpackspeak) are some of Jack's most memorable calls during his career covering MSU football:

1980 vs. Alabama

1999 vs. Auburn

1999 vs. Ole Miss (the catch) (the pick) (the kick)

2004 vs. Florida (make sure to listen all the way to the end)

2010 vs. Florida (via YouTube)

*yes, Mr. Cristil's career technically ended after he called the 2010-11 MSU basketball season.