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5 predictions for the 2012 MSU football season

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Predictions - everyone has them, and like farts and 3 day old cheese, most of them stink. Fortunately for you, I have predictions as well, and although I doubt these smell as good as Taylor Swift probably does, I certainly hope these around foul beasts created in my hopeless imagination. With the season now just 10 days away, here's 5 predictions I have for the upcoming season.

1. MSU will start off 6-1 or better.

Although 7-0 seems to be well within State's grasp this year, I think 6-1 is a very safe bet as to predicting how MSU will start of the season. Despite having both of our toughest games in that opening stretch, Auburn and Tennessee, at home, I still think we lose one of those games, but still head into the late October matchup with Alabama ranked and with only one blemish to our name.

2. MSU will extend the home sellout streak to 23 games.

Between the expectations surrounding the 2012 season and the excitement over the stadium expansion to be completed in 2014, there's no doubt in my mind that State will continue its home game ticket sellout streak. It will honestly be tougher this year with cupcakes South Alabama and Middle Tennessee on the schedule (Jackson State will sell out mostly because it's the first game, and their band rocks), but I still think State sells them out. And there should be no issue selling out monster home games in November against Texas A&M and Arkansas.

3. MSU will definitely lose two games in November.

Hate to be the negative nancy here, but I just don't see us navigating that back stretch unscathed. That's why I really hope State can start 7-0, because I just feel like there's no way avoiding 2 losses in that back half with Bama, A&M, LSU, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. I will assume we'll lose to Bama and LSU, with Arkansas being a toss up and A&M and Ole Miss being wins. Believe me, if we win 4 of those 5, I will more than happily admit that I was wrong, but right now, I just don't see it.

4. MSU will produce another NFL 1st Round pick from the defensive side of the ball.

In the most un-shocking prediction ever, State's defense will produce another NFL 1st Rounder from the defensive side, this time coming in the form of a cornerback. Johnthan Banks, who once was a scrawny safety from Maben (not Maden), Mississippi, has taken the tuteledge of Dan Mullen and the conditioning of Coach Balis and turned himself into an NFL caliber cover corner, who will probably have a great career.

5. MSU will score 40+ points 5+ times this season.

This probably seems like more of a bolder prediction than it actually is, because when you look at State's schedule, especially the first half of it, things could work out well for us to put up a lot of points. Games against Jackson State, Troy, South Alabama, Middle Tennessee, and Kentucky give the Bulldogs plenty of opportunities to rack up points, and let's not forget two years ago State was able to put up 30+ against Arkansas at home. If Dan pulls on the reigns a bit in blowout games then maybe this prediction doesn't come true, but between the favorable first half of the schedule and the quick-score potential of this offense going in to this year, I think this is a safe bet, and this may be one of the more potent offenses we've seen in recent MSU history.