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100 Days of MSU Football - Day 10


100 Days of MSU Football - Day 10

Today's number, 10, describes the number of helmet variations MSU has used in since 1951 (which I'm assuming is when State started using plastic helmets? I'm not sure why that is the first recorded year in the media guide).

Here's a quick look at the 10 variations, and my thoughts on which is the best, and which was not so great.

1951 - 1962
| A conservative approach, and I can appreciate that, especially during the time period. We basically all looked like Penn State does now, except everyone besides Penn State evolved, and they were like whatever, we're staying right here you fancy forward thinkers.

1963 - 1965 | This Bully is pretty sharp considering the time period he was drawn in, even if he does look more like Bully's older, Marlboro-smoking cousin, Bullseye.

1966 - 1968 | Ahh, a Bama period for us I guess.

1969 - 1973 | Space! Technology! We're taking this logo to the moon and beyond!

1974 - 1978 | "Hey Bob, did you accidentally hit a different font key when you did the S for the logo?" Bob: Ahhhh damn"

1979 - 1985 | The earliest form of the interlocking M-S-U that we all love. This one too is definitely sharp considering the time period, but upgrades were definitely to come.

1986 -1995 | An upgrade from the previous interlocking logo, but a bit bulvisy for my taste.

1996 - 2003 | The best MSU logo to ever live, in my opinion. I know Nike owns this one and all, but man, would it be sweet to have it back. Lots of good memories with this logo too.

2004 - 2008 | I understand a change was needed and all, going with the whole 'fresh start" approach with a new coach and new logos, but man, this logo, coupled with those jerseys during that time, were the most swac-tastic thing I've ever seen. Hopefully they've all been burned by now.

2009 - present | I like these, probably second most to the '96 - '03 interlocking logos. State again was in the midst of a change - in logo, uniform, mindset, and these really represented well the new culture at State - more aggressive, sleek, and forward thinking.

(photo courtesy of Mississippi State | 2012 Media Guide, pg. 89)