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Prisoner of the Moment Goes to the Jackson State Game


At tailgate: /combines red and purple Kool-Aid to make a perfect maroon color..then drinks it, turns to friend and says, "we are going 10-2 this year! Tyler Russell is going to break every record in the book!"

In seat prior to kickoff: "it must be the hottest day of the year!".

MSU's kickoff goes into the endzone for a touchback: "Yes! Just what we needed! We've finally got a placekicker!". /rings cowbell.

Jackson State goes 3 & Out: "This defense is amazing! Best defense since '99! Woohoo!". /bangs cowbell against the bleacher to make even more noise.

Perkins runs for gains of 6 and 8 yards: "I'm glad Vick is gone, LaDarius was always better!". /shakes booty.

Wind blows: "I don't think I've ever felt this comfortable at a football game."

Tyler Russell throws an INT over the middle: "Russell, you are a buuuuussssst! Get off the field, it's time for Prescott!". /text messages friend not at the game, '17 Russell'.

Jackson State completes an 11 yard pass for a 1st down: "We have lost it. How can we compete in the SEC if we can't even stop JSU!?" /tosses hands in the air, eyes start watering up.

Corey Broomfield forces a fumble, Deontae Skinner recovers: "Skinner's my boy! I picked him for SEC Defensive Player of the Year!" //friend elbows him, 'no you didn't, you picked Josh Boyd'....."I'm changing my pick, Skinner is my boy, he is a beast!". /pumps fist in the air.

Tyler Russell throws incomplete pass in the direction of Chad Bumphis: "Run-the-ball! We can't throw. Bumphis is a buuuuummmmm".

Tyler Russell completes a 35 yard touchdown pass to Chad Bumphis: "I love you Russell!!!" /does the sprinkler with cowbell in hand.

MSU wins 52-7: "14-0 baby! I'll calling it right now."