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Monday Morning Quarterback - Week 1

Get caught up on all this past weekend's action, scores, and more from around the SEC.  Well... that's what this post will be, starting <em>next</em> week.
Get caught up on all this past weekend's action, scores, and more from around the SEC. Well... that's what this post will be, starting next week.

Welcome friends to the first edition of what will be a series of posts this fall, starting each game week off getting you caught up with all the scores, which teams played well in the SEC, which didn't, and everything else you might need to know to get your week kicked off right. Now, obviously, there's no games for me to recap today., but starting this time next week - and every week thereafter for the foreseeable future until the season comes to an end, you will find Monday Morning QB with thecristilmethod right here on For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. This post is a part of a new fall series of posts we are hoping will further our goal of providing you all the news, commentary, analysis, and of course, LOLs, that you need in relation to MSU football as well as SEC football (and even a little high school football, too).

So, starting next week, here's where we would talk about all of the past weekend's games, my players of the week in the SEC, and then we may even talk about the big games from around the nation, if there's time. For this week though, let's just talk about the big games coming up this weekend, because I know you guys are pumped about some football.

Schedule - SEC Teams - Week 1 - All TimesCentral

Thursday - August 30th

South Carolina at Vanderbilt 6:00 PM ESPN

Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech 6:30 PM ESPNU

Friday - August 31st

Tennessee at North Carolina St. 6:30 PM ESPNU

Saturday - September 1st

Buffalo at Georgia 11:00 PM SEC

Bowling Green at Florida 2:30 PM ESPN

Clemson at Auburn 6:00 PM ESPN

North Texas at LSU 6:00 PM ESPNU

Central Arkansas at Ole Miss 6:00 PM PPV

Jackson St. at Mississippi St. 6:00 PM FSN

Jacksonville St. at Arkansas 6:00 PM PPV

Southeastern La. at Missouri 6:00 PM PPV

Michigan at Alabama 7:00 PM ABC

Sunday - September 2nd

Kentucky at Louisville 2:30 PM ESPN

Game of the Week

Michigan at Alabama - Dallas, Texas - 7 PM

My predicted winner: Alabama

Upon further review: I just think Alabama is too good, too deep at the skill positions and that defense.... man that defense will be great yet again. Don't get me wrong, I think Michigan will hang tougher than some do, but in the end, the Crimson Tide will just be too much. Look for Eddie Lacy to quickly lessen Alabama fans longing for the Trent Richardson days.

Upset Pick of the Week

Vanderbilt over South Carolina

Why: Call me crazy (Metal Building Dawg probably will), but I just think conditions are right for the upset here. Opening day, at home, with a fired up James Franklin on your side, all conditions that make the upset ripe for Vandy's picking. I may be sitting here this time next week discussing just how wrong I was after South Carolina thumps Vandy 42-14 or something, but for now, I'm calling a 24-21 Vanderbilt upset. See, this is why you don't drink early in the morning kids!

Offensive Firepower Game

Jacksonville State at Arkansas

Why: RIP Jacksonville State secondary

Defensive Struggle Expected

Tennessee at North Carolina State

Why: I don't know, just feel like this one could be low scoring (and ugly to watch)

Individual Performer of the Week

Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

Why: see Offensive Firepower game

That's all I have for this week folks. Do you agree with any of these predictions? Vehetemiately disagree? Let me know either way. Other than that, I hope you guys have a great Monday!