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Know the Foe - Part 2 - Jackson State

Now that Metal Building Dawg has actually gotten you acquainted with the Jackson State Tigers, I will take a look at them from another angle - a slightly less serious one. How can you get to know someone quickly? You can speed date, you can drink together, or there's a third option: you can make their name into an anagram. An anagram of ones' name really reveals nothing at all everything you need to know about a person. Here I've taken 24 names off of the Jackson State football roster for the 2012 season and turned them into anagrams. Results? Mixed, and some just came out weird. Have a look after the jump.

Name Anagram
Ryan Deising Readying Sin
Antonio Sutton Anti Noon Stout
Zion Pyatt Zap It Tony
Jalen Simpson Jeans Limp Son
Alvin Kelly Navy Elk Ill
LaMontiez Ivy Lazy Vine Omit
De Sean McKenzie Amen Neck Seized
Dedric McDonald Damn Cold Rec Did
Tevin Chapman A Champ Invent
Clayton Moore Tamer Colon Yo
Marquese Dunn Dam Queen Runs
Preston Hughes Herpes Shotgun
Demetrius James Jammed Surities
Ricky Tappin Rap City Pink
Teddrick Terrell Cell Red Dirt Treck
Chais Pinesett Aesthetic Nips
Stedmon Capler Cradle Postmen
Ariane McCree Acne Ram Rice
Lacorey Tucker Actor Yuck Reel
Coleman Johnson An Colons Em John
Armon Carter Cat Rare Norm
Darcy Williamson Macaronis Wildly
Wundu Kwembe Bud Knew We Mu
Mitchell Saffold Almost Cliff Held

Don't you feel like you know the team better now? I sure do.