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Know the Foe - Part 1 - Jackson State

Know the Foe - 1
Know the Foe - 1
Welcome to Know the Foe: Part I. Each Wednesday during the football season I will bring you some info on our upcoming opponent. Every Wednesday, 10 A.M. robnoladog is handling Know the Foe: Part II, however, he won't be getting to it this week (thecristilmethod will sub) because as his name suggest - he lives in New Orleans, and he's been off the grid since Monday (he's ok).

History of MSU vs. Jackson State

Dan Mullen's first game in 2009 - an easy 45-7 win. That's it. 1-0 Mississippi State.

Overview of JSU

They are an upper-tier SWAC team, going 17-5 over their last two seasons. They'll lose their QB from last year (Casey Therriault) but bring in 6'-5", 220 pound senior Dedric McDonald. The Tigers have 12 starting seniors, and all but four starters are either juniors or seniors. For a list of their 2-deep click HERE.

One semi-familiar face we'll probably see on Saturday will be X-Bear Tobias Singleton. He's likely to handle some kickoff duties, as he did in Oxford last year, and may play WR.

I'd go on, but it's Jackson State. We should beat the snot out of them. If we don't I will be severely disappointed. And if the game is close late in the 4th quarter I might just give up on the season. JSU will bring a better team to Starkville than the 2009 edition, but so will I expect more of the same scoreboard-wise.

If you're in the need for some more info on the Tigers just check out our summer preview.