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100 Days of MSU Football - Day 3


100 Days of MSU Football - Day 3

Despite my recent push to eliminate State fans usage of the TSUN nickname for Ole Miss, I do still care about the Egg Bowl. I mean sure fans on both sides take it probably a bit too seriously, but still, the game has been a competitive part of each season since I have been a State fan. Yes the scales have shifted back and forth, favoring both teams at some point along the way, but lately, one can't help but notice that the scales have shifted in our favor. The current Egg Bowl winning streak, which stands at 3 in favor of MSU, is one of the longest for either team in recent memory, and could possibly be extended to 4 come November.

How much does the Egg Bowl rivalry mean to you? For me, it's obviously an important part of each season, and a game that certainly makes the off-season that much easier to bare if you come out on the winning end of it. But I do think that with State's continuing trend of success, it's important to focus not just on beating Mississippi but also on higher program goals, such as beating other SEC West teams, New Year's Day bowl games, and maybe even one day a BCS Bowl, although they won't be called that for much longer. No matter how much you care about the Egg Bowl and winning it, things do look good for us to continue the streak to 4 games this fall, but you can never be sure when playing on the road in this series.