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MSU News and Notes | Thursday, August 30th

MSU News and Notes
MSU News and Notes

Hey thecristilmethod fans, please excuse me, I'm playing substitute teacher today since ya boy's gone on to an early weekend. If I completely botch this's because I'm a sub - keep that in mind.

The MSU captains have been named (as chosen by the players): Johnthan Banks, Cameron Lawrence and Tobias Smith. All of those guys are seniors (although I'm 99% sure Smith could get a 6th year if he wants one). From everything coming out of camp this is "Tyler Russell's team", but, whatever. I'm a little surprised by the choice of Smith - if it was a senior I would have guessed Chad Bumphis, or even Marcus Green even though he wasn't around in the spring. But, of course, I don't know these guys personally.

I saw where esspinn did some bowl projectin' and had MSU in the Liberty Bowl. Even though those goons don't know what their talking about half the time I unfortunately see their logic. As I projected in my SEC Predictions a few weeks ago, State will play in the Liberty Bowl in part because there are so many good teams in the SEC who are likely to be 8-4 or better. And I think the Liberty Bowl would LOVE to have State again, even though I know it would be a massive let down for MSU fans. I have updated, however, and changed by bowl projections due to Da'Rick Rogers' suspension - and I know project Mississippi State to land in the Gator Bowl (hey, that's still acceptable up until kickoff, right?).

There's been a lot of talk about the offensive line this summer, I have been one of the ones talking. Not much focus has been on center though. With Dillon Day entreched in the starting position, and Dylan Holley as the backup, John Hevesy and Dan Mullen have to feel pretty comfortable there.

Apparently Joe Morrow was supposed to be on the depth chart, per Joe Morrow....but Joe Gailbraith left him off. So we can release the panic button.

We know TE Malcolm Johnson will miss some games with a pectoral injury, and Dan Mullen has said at least two weeks. Most of the rumors surrounding the injury have been in the mid-October Tennessee/MTSU game probably.

In basketball news...

Are you going to the game on Saturday? Or any game at Davis Wade this year? Well, you'll need to check this article from on the new rules and regulations you will need to be aware of.

Ohio State has banned tweeting during press conferences. I applaud them. If you're on twitter, you know that when Dan Mullen holds an interview or press conference all the beat writers and everyone there goes twitter nuts and they all tweet the exact same thing for about 20 minutes. What you have is 50 tweets to say about 10 things. It's annoying. I think I can just wait until the blog post or article comes out.

Are you a Braves fan like I am? You might enjoy Brandon Beachy's (while I'm injured) movie blog.

Football is tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! South Carolina at Vandy, oh yeah. Game time is set for 6 PM CST. Texas A&M was scheduled to play LA Tech, but it has been postponed until mid-way through the year. That means A&M will be playing 8 consecutive weeks prior to coming to Starkville, and 3 of their 4 preceding games will be of the road variety. I got off track again, but the bottom line is there is foooooootballlllllll tonight!

That's all I've got for ya. Have a great day!

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