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EA Sports NCAA Football '13 Simulation: Mississippi State vs Jackson State

NCAA '13 - 2
NCAA '13 - 2

Bulldog fans, college football is officially here!

We've decided to bring back the EA Sports NCAA Football simulations for the 2012 season. For those of you that have been following us a while, you're already aware that, more often than not, these simulations have actually been pretty reliable in predicting the winner.

This week the Jackson State Tigers will step in to Davis-Wade Stadium with dreams of upsetting an SEC team on the first Saturday of the season. Is there any chance at all that they will be able to pull an upset? Get an idea of how they stack up against the Bulldogs after the jump!

Jackson State* gets off to a wonderful start by winning the coin toss. They elect to kick the ball off to get the game underway.

1st Quarter:

Jameon Lewis makes a decent kickoff return and the Bulldogs will begin their possession on their own 34 yard line.

The first play of the game is a pass from Tyler Russell to Ricco Sanders, and surprise, it's complete for a gain of 6 yards. LaDarius Perkins runs it on the next play for a first down. Russell tries another pass to Sanders and, although it is caught, there is no gain on the play. On second down Russell tries the air again and this time it's Jameon Lewis making the catch for another first down. Tyler is unable to find an open receiver on the next play and is forced to run it himself...he loses a yard in the process. Second down is another completed pass to Jameon Lewis for a mere one yard gain. Its 3rd and 9 and Russell elects to throw the ball again and fortunately it is caught by Chris Smith for another first down. The Bulldogs are now at the opponents 31 yard line and the next play sees La Darius Perkins run up the middle for a nine yard gain. Russell again hands the ball to Perkins and again the Bulldogs achieve a first down on the play. MSU's o-line is a little jumpy and suddenly commits a false start. Tyler Russell is apparently unrattled because he immediately throws a beautiful pass to the back of the end zone and it's caught by Ricco Sanders for the first TD of the season!

Bulldogs lead it 7-0.

Jackson State takes a knee on the kickoff. Two passes later, the Tigers have a first down. Another pass gets a nine yard gain...and suddenly the Tigers have ran for another first down. They decide to run it again and this time it proves costly. The running back goes down and then exits the field on the back of a cart. Tough break (no pun intended) for the Tigers. It's 3rd and 6. Jackson State elects to go to the air and the pass is nearly picked off by Corey Broomfield. Tigers punt the ball away for a touchback.

Tyler Russell drops back for a deep pass on first down. There is a receiver wide open near's Chris Smith. Smith catches the pass and sheds a couple of defenders. He is finally brought down at Jackson State's own 15 yard line and just like that MSU is ready to put more points on the board. Finally, I get to mention Chad Bumphis's name...he catches a pass for a first down. It's first and goal...Russell drops back to pass and looks for an open receiver...unfortunately he can't find one. Suddenly, he decides to channel his inner Chris Relf and rushes the ball in for a TD!

Bulldogs now lead 14-0

Jackson State returns the kick off to the 21 yard line. They run on first down and manage to move the sticks right away. The ball is now on their own 36 yard line. The Jackson State quarterback drops back to pass...he fires a quick shot toward the middle of the field and the ball is promptly intercepted by linebacker Ferlando Bohanna.

The Bulldogs now find themselves in great field position again. Perkins runs up the middle on first down for a 4 yard gain. Russell can't find anyone to throw to on second down and wisely throws the ball away.

End of First Quarter and MSU leads 14-0

2nd Quarter:

Russell gains a yard in the air but the Bulldogs are well short of a first down. The Bulldogs decide to try for a long field goal and the 49 yard attempt is good!

Bulldogs now lead 17-0

After a 23 yard kickoff return, Jackson State makes a nice pass play to earn a first down and the Tigers are now at midfield. One pass and one run later the Tigers find themselves in a 3rd and inches situation...they manage to squeak by just enough to earn a first down. The Tigers immediately commit a false start and its now 1st and 15. Jackson State seems to have a rhythm going because they overcome the lost yards with ease and quickly earn two more first downs...they're now in the red zone. Now they change things up a bit with an option play...the quarterback is brought down behind the line of scrimmage. The Bulldogs blitz on the next play and sack the qb for another big loss. On third down, the Tigers are forced to throw and the pass is nearly picked off by Louis Watson. Jackson State attempts a long field goal and makes it.

Bulldogs still lead 17-3

MSU returns the kickoff to the 24 yard line. A nice pass play to Jameon Lewis is complete and Lewis fights for the first down. After another first down catch by Chad Bumphis, Russell is suddenly forced to scramble for four yards. La Darius Perkins earns the next first down on the ground and MSU takes their first time out of the half. There is less than a minute left to go before half time. MSU is at the Jackson State 45 yard line. Tyler Russell goes to the air again and has ALL day to throw the ball. The great protection finally allows him to find Chris Smith for a huge gain. The Bulldogs are now at the Tiger 10 yard line. La Darius Perkins rushes on the next play and is brought down at the one yard line. MSU has two time outs left but for some reason doesn't use one. There is less than 15 seconds to go and the clock continues to run. Is Les Miles coaching today? The Bulldogs hurry up to the line and Russell hands the ball off to Perkins again. The play goes no where...actually it loses yards. MSU calls timeout with two seconds left. The field goal unit goes onto the field and put three more points on the board to end the half.

Bulldogs lead 20-3 at Halftime

3rd Quarter:

Bulldogs kick off and the Tigers fumble the ball on the return! Somehow they manage to recover the loose ball and they will begin the second half at the 20 yard line. The Tigers go three and out and punt the ball.

Jameon Lewis returns the ball to midfield and the Bulldogs have great field position. Tyler Russell throws on first down and is nearly intercepted. He decides to give the ball to Perkins on 2nd down and they lose two yards. It's 3rd and 12...Russell drops back and fires a missile waaayyy down field...Chad Bumphis is wide open! Bumphis catches the ball and strolls into the end zone for another Bulldog TD!

Bulldogs now lead 27-3

The Tiger return gets them to the 22 yard line. The Bulldog defense is really clicking now...two incomplete passes and a sack sees the Tigers go another three and out. They punt the ball away.

After the punt MSU finds themselves at the Jackson State 48 with another great scoring opportunity. Tyler Russell scrambles for five yards on first down...and then he runs again on 2nd down! It's Perkins turn on 3rd and 2...he's gain. It's now 4th and 2 and the Bulldogs are going to go for it! They hand the ball off to running back Rishunn McCaleb and he's got the first down and a whole lot more! McCaleb is finally brought down at the Jackson State 10 yard line. Russell hands the ball off to Perkins and another easy TD is scored.

Bulldogs now lead 34 -3

A modest return and a great running play gets the Tigers to midfield. The Jackson State qb drops back for a long pass down field. The pass should've been an easy interception for Jay Hughes, but the ball instead falls to the ground for an incompletion. Two more incomplete passes and the Tigers are forced to punt.

Jameon Lewis fair catches at the Bulldog 6 yard line. Russell throws a pass that is nearly intercepted on first down. Tyler scrambles back into his own end zone, desperately looking for an open receiver on 2nd down. He finally finds Chad Bumphis and delivers a bullet. The Bumphis catch earns a first down and gets Russell some breathing room. Jackson State decides to bring a ton of pressure and the strategy back fires. Chad Bumphis is once again wide open. He makes them pay for it with another Bulldog TD.

Bulldogs now lead 41-3

After the kick off return the 3rd quarter ends.

4th Quarter:

Jackson State finally puts together a nice mix of run and pass plays...unfortunately the long drive finally stalls out. Jackson State suddenly finds themselves at the MSU 36 yard line in a 4th and inches situation. They elect to go for it...the Bulldog defense holds! Turnover on downs.

Russell connects with Jameon Lewis for an immediate first down off a pass play. The next play stays on the ground and once again earns a first down. The Bulldog continues the drive on the ground and its now obvious Russell is trying to melt the clock. On 3rd and 3 he decides to run it himself and is brought down hard behind the line. The Bulldogs punt the ball away.

Jackson State begins the drive at their own 8 yard line. With less than a minute ago the Bulldogs decide to blitz and a Jackson State receiver gets open. The quarterback throws a perfect pass and no one is around to stop the receiver. Jackson State scores a TD.

Bulldogs still lead 41-10

Tyler Russell and the Bulldog offense melt the rest of the clock off to end the game.

Bulldogs win 41-10!

Notable Stats:


Tyler Russell had 339 passing yards and was 17 of 23 with 3 TDs

116 yards total rushing yards

The Bulldogs produced 455 yards total offense


262 yards total offense

217 yards passing

45 yards rushing

*JSU is not a playable team in the game so the FCS Southeast team was used as a substitute for this simulation.