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Football on TV with Metal Building Dawg

This is where I am replacing 'Saturday Thoughts with The [Redacted] Diaries.

I love watching college football. All of it. Every year I'll make it out to a game or two because that part I really enjoy the live action, but I'm perfectly content sitting in my recliner, in front of my HDTV, and watching college football all. day. long. This is a guide to how I will be watching TV today. It's my game plan.

South Carolina/Vandy, Tennessee/N.C. State, Boise State/Michigan State and a bunch of others have already played...but there is still plenty of Saturday action. And today is no different.

I'm on Eastern time, but I'll use Central since I know most of y'all are on that.

Starting at 8 am is Notre Dame and Navy in a game from Ireland. This game is unique as it is first thing in the morning, and in Ireland. I don't really care for Notre Dame, but I'll watch this....because it's football.

At 11:00 I'll turn on the "coal bowl" between Marshall and #11 West Virginia on FX. Penn State and Ohio State will be playing some versions of Ohio-based teams during that time as well on ESPN and the Big Ten Network. I'll flip around until the Georgia game comes on at 11:21 on the SEC Network.

There's really no reason to stray from the UGA game until 2:30. That's disappointing, as they are playing Buffalo. But hey, I'll take what I can get. Bowling Green at #23 Florida will be on ESPN at 2:30, #17 Nebraska and Southern Miss will also be playing - that could be interesting. Other than that there isn't much until 6:00.

At 6:00, things get hairy. My suggestion is to record the Auburn vs. #14 Clemson game (ESPN) and focus on the State game (Fox Sports Net). During commercial breaks you can either flip to the North Texas at #3 LSU game or start the recording of the Auburn game until the State game comes back from commercial.

Once 7:00 hits, there's a decision to make (if your DVR only holds two recordings). Do you stop recording AU/CLEM and start recording #8 Michigan vs. #1 Alabama, or do you stop watching MSU to watch the Bama game. There's no way I stop watching State. So what I will do is stop recording the Auburn game and start recording the Bama game. Then, once MSU reaches halftime I'll catch up on the hour of recorded material in the Auburn game. Now I'm caught up and I'll flip back and forth between MSU and Aubie until they are over. At that point it will be about 9:00-9:30, and the Bama game should be in the 3rd quarter. So I'll start that recording and skip all the commercials and halftime - I'll likely only be 5 or so minutes behind once the game actually ends. Got all that?

Looks like a fun day of watching football. Finally.