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MSU News & Notes | Monday, September 10, 2012

2-0?  More like 2 and ooooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhhh
2-0? More like 2 and ooooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhhh

There's just something about starting a week off after a big win. Now, let's not kid ourselves, Auburn is not going to have a great season, and State should have won that game Saturday. But the point is we finally did win, instead of another season of shoulda, woulda, coulda's. And now we'll spend the next 4 weeks trying not to let ourselves stumble over stones en route to what could be a huge showdown on October 13th in Starkville with Tennessee.

Back to Saturday: man, what a fun day. The rain held off (during the game at least), State played sound on both sides of the ball, and shoot, I was even given free tickets on Friday to attend. Truly it was a perfect weekend, and as you can imagine being a State fan, that scared the bejesus out of me. But, BUT, it appears that sometimes things do go smoothly in Bulldog country, and as we sit here on Monday morning, all is right in the world.

Did any of you guys and girls make it to the game? Let me know what you thought. If you didn't go to the game or you want to relive the victory all over again, then fear not, because we have a JAM-PACKED News and Notes today, filled with all sorts of tid bits, videos, pics, and other analysis from Saturday's 28-10 victory over Auburn.

  • Here's the video of State's entrance onto the field Saturday. Exciting, with less smoke, and most importantly, PILEUP FREE.
  • Want to know how to be successful in college football? 1) stockpile 5-star athletes in cupboards like LSU and Alabama do 2) keep a high positive turnover margin. One of the many reasons why State has started 2-0 is turnovers, or the lack thereof, so far this season. State currently leads the country in turnover margin, accumulating 8 takeaways on defense so far while only giving up one so far - the Chris Smith fumble in the first half against Auburn Saturday.

  • JLgrindin last week highlighted State's advantage of an experienced secondary versus a young Auburn QB in Kiehl Frazier prior to Saturday. Well, his predictions were quite right, as State's defensive backfield picked Frazier off 3 times, twice by All-American Johnthan Banks' hands. Yesterday Brandon Marcello wrote about that, and about how State's defense completely overwhelmed the young QB and the rest of the Auburn offense.
  • Have you been on the SEC's website lately? They've made some improvements, namely in their game stats pages. Take a look at the stats from Saturday's MSU vs. Auburn game and tell me you aren't impressed. The site has detailed breakdowns of all drives from the game, and when you click on the drive on the field it shows you the play-by-play.
  • Speaking of neat stuff, here's your timeline interactive drive chart from Saturday's win over Auburn:

Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

  • Watch the Arkansas vs. UL-Monroe game Saturday night? Reading the Arkansas Expats open thread reads like a book where a bunch of buddies go out for what they think is going to be a fun night out on the town only to wake up OH MY GOSH BLOOD EVERYWHERE. Yeah, wasn't the best of nights in Little Rock.
  • Our own robnoladog is a man of the people, and yesterday Rob knew the people would want highlight video, so he brought the people what they want. NOW PRAISE HIM, YE PEOPLE:

Jonathan Banks gets his 1st INT of the day (via RobNolaDog)

Tyler Russell and Marcus Green do it again (via RobNolaDog)

Jonathan Banks is greedy. Picks off Frazier again (via RobNolaDog)

Tyler Russell Hits Marcus Green Wide Open For A TD (via RobNolaDog)

LaDarius Perkins Awesome TD Run vs Auburn (via RobNolaDog)

  • In case you missed it, you can read Robbie's game recap right here.
  • I wish you guys and girls could have been sitting where I was. Although I was near the top of the non-student section portion of Section R, I could see Auburn DC Brian VanGorder perfectly, and let me tell you, the man is a specimen stepped straight from a 1980's show, probably a cop show. In a previous life, before football but after the cocaine, fast cars and fast women, Brian VanGorder was a tough LAPD detective, with an iron demeanor, but a heart of gold. Here's a shot from my view with about 9 minutes left to play Saturday. How does that Eric Church song go? It's just over when it's over...


  • When I was typing ESPN in my search bar, this came up. Trust me, read it. Funniest thing ever. Never gets old. PS: it's safe for work, I promise. Unless your work says ravishing Rick Rude is not safe for work.
  • There's a stat floating around out there about how State hasn't allowed a TD in 8 quarters. Seriously guys, there are a lot of things to be excited about right now, but let's not hang our hat on that one. Mostly because FOUR OF THOSE QUARTERS WERE AGAINST OLE MISS WHEN HOUSTON NUTT WAS MORE WORRIED ABOUT COUNTING ALL THE BULBS IN THE JUMBOTRON RATHER THAN WINNING.
  • Here is a stat worth mentioning though. Danny Dan is now 21-0 when leading after 3 quarters.

  • As always, encourage you to check out Bob Carskadon's work at HailStateBEAT, especially yesterday's Sunday ThingamaBob (yes, he worked his name into the title somehow! /sarcasm font)
  • Keep telling myself not to thing ahead to 5-0, but it's so hard not too. Can't sleep on Troy though. Last time some did that Brad Pitt built a trojan horse and discovered America #mistakenhistory
  • Lastly, although State did miss the Top 25 this week, it received some even higher votes from several pollsters, including one I have admiration for, Chris Fowler. Fowler, one of the few people left at ESPN outside of Van Pelt, Russillo, and probably Adnan, who isn't a walking ken doll filled with general statements and filler material, rated State at #18, which means a lot. The man's approval doesn't come easily. Still, I'm not sad to see us not ranked. All that has meant for us in the past is trouble (SEE: big head, losses, etc., issues from yesteryear)

That's it for today folks. Have a good one!

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