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STOCK WATCH Week 2: Russelin' left and right

Stock Watch: These smiles seem to get bigger with each State win
Stock Watch: These smiles seem to get bigger with each State win

Well week two has come and gone and with that, it's time for another installment of Stock Watch.

Just like week one, there weren't a whole lot of guys dropping but several once again stepped up. And hey, we had no casualties in our tunnel entrance.

State put a whoopin' on Auburn on the scoreboard and on the line of scrimmage. Physicality was easily on the Bulldog's side. And you can say what you want about Auburn being down, but State once again did what they had to do and that was win.

Now for who's stock is rising and who's could be on the decline......

On the Rise: Tyler Russell: A lot of us were skeptical on what Russell would actually do at State. He was called the savior of the MSU football program by many fans as he came out of Meridian a highly touted QB who's final game was a win against one of the greatest teams in high school football history. That was the moment that most State fans said, "We finally have our quarterback." But coming into the season we still didn't know what he had. He's played sparingly the past two years behind Relf. And he's looked good at times. But other times he's been seen as a little iffy in the pocket. But Saturday he MIGHT have become THAT guy. That guy that we all thought he would be. He became the SEC's offensive player of the week, the first MSU qb to do so since Sleepy Robinson in 91', and his presence and precision in the pocket was something I don't think State fans have seen in years. He had his moment and fortunately for Bulldog fans, I don't think this will be his last. Expect this to be one of the final times you see his name on the Rise because soon he will hit the top of the ceiling.

Falling: Devon Bell and the Kicking Game: Let me preface this by saying that I fully expect Bell to be a GREAT kicker before it's all said and done. Yes I said great. He has a killer leg and don't let anyone that believes that they're opinion is fact tell you differently. Bell was consistently booming kicks from 50-57 yards in pregame Saturday (which I realize is 100% different than an actual game) and his extra points are smashed and even clear the net. I had to choose someone who might be falling at the moment and I think that's Bell. I predict that when he finally hits that first field goal things will drastically improve for him and he will be what he's expected to be. His accuracy has been the problem thusfar but I really expect nothing but great things in the future. Remember, this is just an 18 year old kid in just his second college ball game playing in the SEC. Stay behind him.