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FWtCT's Travel Tips: Troy, Alabama

FWtCT Travel Tips with Justin Sutton - Troy Edition
FWtCT Travel Tips with Justin Sutton - Troy Edition

Being a fan of an SEC team brings many benefits that are often forgotten. Road trips to places such as Athens or Lexington always make for a great weekend, but the Bulldogs do not always travel to such places. This week's match up with Troy University will send Bulldog fans to a location that many have never attended a game before.

Being a little over five hours from Jackson and about four and a half hours from Starkville and the Gulf Coast, and with this game being a 6 pm kickoff, many Bulldog fans will struggle to make this a come and go trip, so it is important to know what to do while in Troy.

While you are reading the site, you should check out Danny Moore and I talk about what to do and where to stay in Troy on the latest edition of Road Dawgs on Bulldog Sport Radio. We had special guests from the city join us.

Perhaps the most important thing about Troy: From the authority that is the person who answered the phone at the Alabama Tiki Bar (more on this after the bump) DRAFT BEER IS ILLEGAL IN TROY AND NOT SOLD THERE.


More after the bump...

Places to check out: Troy has a fun downtown area with a variety of stores to drop in and visit. With convenient parking downtown, your wife can spend part of her Saturday shopping while you do what you will. Troy also has two popular museums in the Pioneer Museum of Alabama and the Troy Pike Cultural Arts Center. If you are a golfer, you are only about 90 minutes away from courses on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.

Places to eat: If you are not a big chain fan, Troy may disappoint you a bit, but it still has a few hidden gems. Mama Goldberg's, while a bit of a chain, has a following in town. BBQ restaurants also dot the landscape in town.

Places to stay: There are not many hotels in Troy, so if you have not booked, step on it.

Parking: There is not an abundance of parking lot parking for Troy games, but if you have attended a game at the Liberty Bowl, the scene will be familiar. Many neighborhoods surround the area, and the locals have no problem sharing the area with you as long as you do not park in the grass or block roads and parking lots.

FWtCT's officially, unofficial place to hang out: I spoke with someone at the Alabama Tiki Bar, and they have a karaoke competition taking place on Friday night, and they have a bunch of fun planned for Saturday night after the game. It sounded like a great atmosphere over the phone, and it has a relaxed dress code, as does most of Troy.


If you want to see more from the official city site: Check this out.

Troy has a population of 18,205 people, and in a very interesting fact, Troy University is the second largest university in Alabama.